Good morning
Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of Regen Airlines, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight November Foxtrot Tango 666 with utility to Nemea.

Our flight time will be lifelong, please make sure your seat backs are in their full upright position and that your seat belt is correctly fastened. Also, your electronic devices must be set to "connect" mode. On behalf of Regen Airlines and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip!

- Leon -


(/ˈniːmiə/; Ancient Greek: Νεμέα; Ionic Greek: Νεμέη).

  • The vision

    Originally an ancient site in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese, in Greece.

    In our world Nemea is something different. A state of mind, where each human (or Degen) soul may find it's internal peace and freedom. The hidden gate to the fourth dimension that everybody is looking for. If you pass the gate, you will see where magic happens...

    Nemea connects the dream world represented by our NFT-s with the real world that we are living in.

    If you’re here then you already know, you already feel it.

    You already know that the model for personal financial planning of previous generations is no longer relevant in the present contemporary landscape. The era of your parent “stocks, bonds, and mutual funds doesn’t work.

    You probably can’t rationalize handing your life savings over to some multinational bank or investment firm in the hopes of gaining a fractional percentage on annual interest. You’re looking for options and you're looking to take matters into your own hands. Diversified means to create income (active and passive as well), relavent to our generation.

    We’re here because we feel the same way. We’ve created this space because we saw a need to solve the same problems.

    It’s time for our future, not our parents past. It’s time for a regenerated approach for peace of mind and personal freedom.

    Join us in the journey to discover the world of Nemea, and we will hold your hand by your evolution.

  • The project

    Fast cars, fast women, fast food, livin' the life on a highway... Our life has become extremely vibing and speeden up. Counting Tik-tok likes matters instead of quality time. You like it or not, welcome to the real world...

    We offer you the perfect solution to adapt your financial behavior to these life circumstances. Make long-term passive income easy and fast without the hassle, exit an investment whenever you want, this is what you looking for, huh?

    You're welcome.

    We brought to you what you were dreaming of. A crypto based investment opportunity, with instant exit solution, secured with real estate collateral, and the possibility to make lot of f*cking money. No bullshit.

    Buy a Nemea asset NFT, and you will be partial owner of a real estate by holding the asset NFT. Earn significant yield after the rental income and the rise of the value of the real estate. Ethical? Yes. Legal? Yes. Profitable? Of course.

    You go for big? We have something for you...

    Buy a Nemea seed NFT. Why is it good for you? Just because you will have privilages compered to the others, and most important, you can earn more than the others.

    Tired of being rich? Be generous! Collect your tokens, sell the asset NFT at any time, and let others change their lives as well.

    And the last but most important thing: we treat our community members as family. Even if they do not have Nemea NFT. Walk together, breathe together.

Know together, grow together. Join...

  • us...
  • the future
  • the #regen!

Community driven journey

As descendants of the heroes of ancient Nemea, we offer you the opportunity to join our city-state and benefit from all the wealth we have accumulated over several millennia. Knowledge, money, human (or Degen) relationships, it can all be yours...

Follow the designated path, participate in the life of the community, vote on Leon's journey and get rewarded by behind-the-scenes special NFT-s, token airdrops, whitelist places, and with other goodies.

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  • Seed NFT

  • First come, first served

    Become a member of the community by purchasing one of the 10.000 Seed NFT-s. Once you have it, you can take all of the benefits from the seed utilities.

  • Royalty share

    We will issue altogether 200.000 asset NFT-s during our real estate projects. Our seed NFT holders will recieve royalty from the secondary market transactions of all NFT-s.

  • Yield multiplication

    Compared to our asset NFT holders, the seed NFT holder will be able to multiply the yield to be paid out after the rental income. Become a whale of Nemea!

  • Priority boarding

    It's a fact that a place on the whitelist is worth its weight in gold. It's simple: hold a seed NFT, and have a bigger chance to get on the whitelist of the asset NFT collection.

  • DAO leadership

    The community is everything. Our DAO will elect its executive board from the seed NFT owners, so be prepared for the elections.

  • All-in solution

    We will issue altogether 200.000 asset NFTs in the coming period, from which each will represent on ownership share in our real estate developer company. Join us!

  • Real estate collateral

    All asset NFT will represent an actual ownership proportion of a phisically available real estate, so there is 0% chance of price collapse of the asset NFT. Unique, huh bro'?

  • Earn money

    Asset NFT owners will receive significant yield after the rental fee of the real estates in tokenized way. In addition, we will pay a projected profit of 20 years from day 0.

  • DAO membership

    Like in ancient Greece, democracy is a must. The asset NFT holder as the member of the DAO has the possibility to join the decision-making processes of our community.

  • DeFi

    Not enough temporary liquidity? In the later stages we will cooperate with DeFi-s in order to participate in lending and borrowing processes. Launch will be disclosed soon.

  • Asset NFT

Project utilities


There are NFT collections without any utilities.
There are NFT collections with NFT utilities.
There are NFT collections with project utilities.
And there is Nemea...

Our project is completely unique, because in the world of NEMEA both the NFT-s and the project to be completed have business utilities, with serious passive income earning opportunities.

Claim rental fee, real estate development profit, other real estate related profit, and NFT royalty share for 20 years of period.



This is our final boarding call for passengers on flight NFT666 to Nemea. Please proceed to gate to the fourth dimension immediately, and keep your wallet ready. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close. I repeat. This is the final boarding call. Thank you.

  • 0% Pre-boarding Announcement

    Captain Leon had a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "Find NEMEA!"

  • 10% Final Boarding Announcement

    After countless nights of planning, the plan was born. Leon gave up his previous life and set off on the most adventurous journey of his life. In order to gain companions for his adventure, he created various tools that anyone could use to join him.

  • 25% Pre-flight Announcement

    The hype has started building around Leon's NFTs. People get to know the outstanding quality and exclusive utility features thereof, and the word spreads all over the multiverse.

  • 50% Prepare for Take-off

    Remember, hold our seed NFTs to bring the most out of this journey. Time to launch our NFTs, be prepared for the mint!

  • 75% Are we there yet?

    Almost. Fasten your seat belts, have a drink or two, become a mile high club member and god save the blue chip NFT projects from our community!

  • 100% Captain's Announcement

    Patience. Scenes suitable for disturbing peace may take place in the cockpit. Once our Captain is ready, the announcements will be online.

Wait, I need to know

  • What are NFTs?

    NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and can’t be replicated. Degen-to-human translation: NFTs are the code version of ownership papers. No one else has it but you.

  • How do I get one?

    Pretty simple: you mint one at our minting page, ot later you will be able to purchase them at the secondary marketplaces. Make sure you have a crypto wallet and some coins there. We have more detailed instructions on Twitter.

  • How do I make sure my NFT is unique?

    NFTs are uniqueby definition. As the name suggests, they are non-fungible, i.e. one NFT is not equal to another and no two NFTs are the same.
    However, there is a problem of how to verify the authenticity of the NFT and the artwork behind it. Fraudsters often sell NFTs without artists' consent.

  • Can I resell my NFT?

    Yes, absolutely. You will be able to sell and purchase them at the secondary marketplaces.